Module development

Learn to master Thelia and develop all the modules you need!


Familiarity with object PHP having installed and configured Thelia  Familiarity with Symfony is an advantage.

Target audience:

Well-informed developers.

Course content:

- Presentation of Thelia structure 
- Presentation of Thelia’s back office, including combinations of ranges, tax engine and features
- Presentation of Symfony 2 components and Propel ORM
- Creating a module (creating diagram, generating model and creating controller)

Practical info:

This training is provided in Paris and Lyon for a minimum of 3 trainees, and maximum 8.
In Clermont-Ferrand, it is provided for a minimum of 2 trainees and maximum 8. 
If the number of participants is not enough, the training may be postponed. 

The training can also be provided in your own premises for 3 participants and more. 


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